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One word easily summed up my entire life: ordinary.

I lived with my grandmother in a rural town in Montana. As I worked beside her in our small store, she taught me everything I needed to know.

Except how to find her when she disappeared into thin air.

Yesterday, going off to college was my greatest adventure. But the truth about my childhood was hidden from me my entire life, cloaked by a powerful spell.

I thought all the tales she told me were just bedtime stories…children’s fantasies.

Until I stumbled into the Covis Realm.
Until I learned my mother was killed because she was a mage.
Until I was told my father died defending her.
Until I realized I’m the rightful heir to the throne.

Mages were hunted and killed because of their powers. They said a mage could never be the queen.

My response? Watch me.

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